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Fri-today fools

Friday - Went to Red Robin with my sis. Recalled unfortunate events from our past.. then went to Jenns'.. was attacked by her 6 year old sister. I don't like little girls that try to rip the flesh off my neck while choking me. ugh. I feel bad though since she can't really help it. Then me, her, Rena, and Kaley skipped off to Olive Garden. I ate ALOT. hehe. I came home early, went to bed at frickin' 10 pm! b/c I can't sleep well during the school week..also...

Saturday - HAD TO WAKE UP AT FRICKIN' 8AM BLEH! haha I complain too much :/ Had S.A.D.D. Officer Meeting at Mimi's Cafe. Didn't feel like eating b/c I ate so much the night before.. but everyone gave me a handful of shit bouts it so I was like FINE! GRRR this is what I really dislike about people. I don't want to eat when I am NOT HUNGRY!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR...
Later that night, after listening to Reliant K.. good band! :) Went to Outback Steakhouse for my cousin's 18th Birthday! We had a good ol' time :)

Sunday - Yummy food and a BAD ASS Karoake party at Casey's. I got 3 pics but there on my cell phone. bleh. OH! I actually sang the YMCA song. and I'm nottttttttttt a singer! It's one of my top fears.

Monday (today) - Cleaned the pool. Got me and momma's lunch. Cleaned. Bored like no other. Went to Starbucks. Chillaxed with my sister. OH and watched this DUMB movie called 'Garden State'. Sorry but I don't like boring movies!!!!!!!! (My Opinion) Met some new people. YAY!

Tomorrow I start Training for my job and hopefully I'll have a firm schedule so I can figure out my free time, plans, and such!

Have a super week!!! KISSES AND HUGS!!!
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