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Break woohoo!!

After working four straight days at TCBY I finally get 2 days off!!! :) I'm in a great mood, eating alot of food haha.. and getting more sleep.

I keep making that satanic cat noise from the Japanese kid in 'The Grudge'. Since I've randomly meoowwwwww-ed all day (including in class and throughout the dumb hs hallways) my sister has threatened to kill me.. LMAO.

I cannot wait to see the movie 'Hide and Seek'. I hear it is real good, and I wanted to see it since the previews. Gothic children, that is neat.

Today I went to Jenns house. It was superb.. I'm stoked for our project!!!

My new boyfriend Dustin got a job at the food court today! It'll be at Cold Stone or Paradise. So.. now BOTH of us will be working our ___ off and we will still not get to see each other! *TeArS*

Right now I wish I could have a huge party! I would invite : Brooke, Marc, Elena, Doug, Nathan Hale.. etc. HEHE! (LJ BUDDIES!!!)

Good luck Douglas on your new job proposition! ($$$ time)

Hope everyone has a great week, leave me some love please.
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